Traditionally, the skull symbolizes a number of things: People who wear the skull ring do so because it has always, in some way, symbolized power. Primarily a symbol of death that shows the wearer is not afraid of meeting their maker.

The average person may not know the exact meaning, but when they see the skull, they cannot help but be awed by the sense of power it symbolizes. Take rebellion, life and death, and a reminder that they should seize the moment. When the world sees you wearing a skull ring, they know how important these things are to you. Of course, there are people who don’t like the mere sight of the skull. They just don’t like being reminded of death.

It is easy to see those who wear the skull ring as those who have no problem appreciating what it represents. Whether it is to remind them of life or their inevitable mortality, they want to show the world what they believe. Who knows? A skull ring could just be the thing to spur you into action. No more time for procrastination.

The versatility of the skull ring is what sets it apart as a piece of jewellery. You will find skull jewellery in different designs. If you were to do a probability test, you will most likely find something that appeals to your unique taste. It doesn’t matter if you prefer an understated, subtle, or an eye-catching look. Since skull jewellery is not very common, you will definitely dazzle those you meet.

Whether you buy skull jewellery or not depends on whether you understand its complex symbolism or not. You may not even want to convey any particular interpretation by wearing skull jewellery. To you, it is just that – jewellery.

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